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Tony Accordino, Jr. -        Lead trainer, MS Exercise Science,  Bio and movement mechanics certifications AIM (NASM, NSPA).  Sports Performance Coach Certification, National Sports Performance Association (NSPS)

Coach Tony was first introduced to the ADC model as a freshman baseball player at Esperanza High School.  Coach Tony faithfully followed the ADC model and trained with AIM year round through his high school and collegiate baseball career with California State University at Chico and finally earning his MS while playing for California State University at Dominques Hills.  During his collegiate career Coach Tony has held many awards for the power and accuracy that he wielded with his bat at the plate.

Coach Tony interned with AIM and was certified in the ADC model for two summers and has over the past 6 years delivered the ADC model to over 25,000 athletes.  In addition to his MS degree from Dominques, Coach Tony also has been certified in Athletic Performance Training by the NSPA.


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