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We have over 45,000 + athletes who have trained in our professional and fun environment!

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Our Athletic Academy Fundamentals

Athletes in Motion was founded to provide athletes ranging from 10 years through college age with a solid athletic development continuum (ADC) to serve them through every stage of their athletic career. The athletic academy combines a unique understanding of the science of bio-mechanics with the science of power and sports performance to deliver their clients a competitive advantage on/in the court, field, course, and pool.

The organization establishes baseline performance goals and tracks them at each stage of the student athletes’ development. AIM has trained over 45,000+ athletes across sports which include basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, water polo, swimming, baseball, and softball.

Each year, the company “graduates” and invites collegiate athletes who have earned themselves scholarships through their performance within their respective sports and classrooms to come back to work within the ADC as interns.

The company was founded by Brad Gerhardt whose focus is on the power and strength development side of the equation. Brad comes to AIM from the Olympic Development Center in Colorado. Walt “GP” Shedd, who manages the front end of the model, brings to AIM the same programs that are being utilized by over half of the NBA and NFL teams in America.

We build exceptional athletic performance – one athlete at a time – whether as an individual or a team, utilizing the AIM ADC model.

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