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Amanda Williams - Advanced Trainer in Injury Recovery and Return to Sport Rehabilitation.  Bio and Movement mechanics certifications from AIM (NASM, NSPA)

Amanda Williams was a recipient of the Athletes in Motion ADC Athletic Development Continuum Model as a student athlete where she racked up the accolades:

• Rookie of the Year

• 1st team all-league

• Best Defensive Player of the Year

• League MVP

• Marine Corp Athlete of the Year

Coach Amanda, while earning her BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of California at Dominques Hills, interned with AIM where she received her advanced certification in the ADC protocols (for bio and movement mechanics) and Corrective Exercise for Return to Sport protocols derived from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA).

For the past 7 years Coach Amanda has not only trained over 25,000 athletes utilizing the ADC model, but she is also responsible for having developed the AIM Process Model for tracking electronically the programming and process of each athlete as they progress along the ADC curve to athletic performance optimization.

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